“we’ll take care of all the details so that you can focus on enjoying the event”

Picnic Planning

There’s nothing better than gathering family and friends together to enjoy a beautiful day out in the California sun. Or maybe you are looking to plan a romantic date! But sometimes the headache of organizing the set up can distract from what makes the day truly special; the ones you’re spending it with. That’s why Hazel and Luna Picnic Services are a perfect way to ease the burden of organizing a fun picnic, all while keeping a chic and stylish atmosphere. With multiple themes to choose from as well as fun games to enjoy, we create the perfect setting with room to customize and make it your own. Whether you’d like to create lasting memories with a luxury bridal shower, or have that chic birthday party you’ve always dreamt of, our luxury picnic services in Monterey county and Santa Cruz county have all you’re looking for to make the moment just right.

Investment | Details

Rates start at $270 for 2 guests with an additional $50 for any guest added on after that.

Services can be offered to parties starting at 2 guests, with the beginning time allotted being 2 hours although additional time can be purchased for a fee. Private settings are recommended for our luxury picnic services, however we can accommodate clients looking to rent in a city approved public location as well!

*Beach location setup fee starts at $200 and is subject to increase depending on amount of guests.